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Why your menu is in simplified Chinese? Is the owner not Taiwanese?
Didi Sandel
Thank you for caring for the displaced person who was so tragically killed. Your kindness is a tribute to you and your staff, and has not gone unnoticed.
David Gevorkian
Hello, Be Accessible helps organizations improve their websites and achieve accessibility compliance goals. Organizations reduce their legal risk and open their business to a wider audience. You may have heard about the surge of web accessibility federal lawsuits since last year. For the first time, in summer 2018, a Los Angeles state judge began assessing statutory penalties for the inaccessible site of a California restaurant at the Grove. Don’t wait for that to happen. Be Accessible fixes accessibility for your business. You can’t stop someone from filing a complaint, but your business can send a clear signal to lawyers that a web accessibility suit would not be fruitful. Whether you’re have one store location or employ a team of developers, we can help! Here’s how: 1) Audit - Our developers, auditors, and disabled testers audit the accessibility of your website. Through our multifaceted accessibility testing, clients gain a full picture of their online