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James Hyun / 360 MediaWatch
Good Morning, I’m contacting you from 360 Mediawatch, a premier national broadcast media monitoring company based in New York City. We came across a news segment featuring Taiwan Pork Chop House on New York Live and I have included a free report of the segment. I was reaching out to you to see if you were interested in obtaining a professionally edited copy of this clip for internal use. We can provide copies in both Standard Definition ($110) or High Definition ($235) and can format the segment to best suit your needs (DVD, digitally emailed, etc). If there are additional clips you are interested in, I would be more than happy to work with you on those projects as well. Our national archives extend back to 2004. Additionally, we can provide daily broadcast TV / web content coverage reports with full metrics where available, with subscriptions starting as low as $75 per month. Please Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns, I look forward to
Eduardo Jimenez
My name is J. Eduardo Jimenez from Veracruz, Mexico and I represent a society of Coco Malanga (also known as Taro) producers from the Actopan, Veracruz, Mexico region ( We are currently looking to sell our products avoiding brokers in McAllen, Texas. We decided to avoid the brokers in the US because of various reasons, but in conclusion we want to avoid being exploited by them. We believe the Malanga (Taro) is a really healthy option and has a lot of potential due to its various uses. So we developed a way to put fresh malanga in a can with out chemicals or preservatives, this to add longevity and facilitate its distribution. We are still doing differrent presentations testing, but we have achieved the goal that is to preserve the malanga the most natural way. Depending on your needs we can do a special presentation for you. This is my email and we currently have some small samplers that might be in your interest. If you think that may
Steap Paypathouangkeo
Good afternoon, I was trying to get some more information about your catering services and see if you guys offered delivery? I work for a company called ezCater (Similar to Grubhub but for catering orders). We help traveling corporate clients, sales and pharmaceutical reps find different catering options for their business meetings and events by using our website. I wanted to see if you had time to talk later today about possibly being an option on our site for online orders? ( Best,